Vishel  Safety and Engineering specializes in providing services in  three  main departments:


  • Safety/fire safety
  • Environmental quality/hazardous materials
  • Safety at construction sites / foremen / safety assistants

Our Company employs –
 engineers,  safety inspectors and work managers with extensive background and experience in the fields of occupational safety, fire safety, building engineering,  preparation for emergency regulations, industry, HMS.

 The company's employees are certified with  Osha30 certificates for construction, infrastructure and industrial sites.
Details of services by departments:


Safety/fire safety

  • Providing safety services : fire safety, safety officers in industry and medical centers
  • Accompanying construction and renovation projects, checking plans, preparing professional safety opinions  and training contractors. Examining situations in    buildings and systems
  • Planning clean rooms
  • Inspecting safety areas for events with many participants
  • Preperation of field portfolio and factory portfolios
  • Preparation of safety management plans
  • Accompanying companies in accordance with the law of , the organization of work supervision. including  the establishment of a safety system and the establishment of a safety committee
  • Conduct hazard surveys Risk surveys (HAZOP, ETA, FTA, FMEA)
  • Employee training for      safety /fire safety
  • Writing procedure files   according to the needs of the plant , safety procedures and emergency procedures
  • Conducting evacuation drills
  • Advising and promoting safety processes
  • Performing integration tests
  • Preparation of fire safety plans
  • Obtaining building permits and business licensing
  • Assisting companies and factories to obtain certification from the American JCI Institute for the Accreditation of Health Institutions
  • Assisting companies with the bureaucratic process of working with the fire department and the inspection service.


Safety at construction sites / foremen/safety assistants

  • Safety  officer services at   large projects, for example: expansion of Ayalon road, construction of infrastructures   for local authorities, construction of clean rooms for an American client, Red Line – light rail, construction of medical centers, Microsoft Herzliya building Lighthouse in Bat Yam, and military  bases .
  • Implementation of Israeli standards and legislation in the construction industry, identifying risks on construction sites.
  • Safety in working with machines specific  to the construction industry and working on dangerous roofs.
  • Investigating work accidents in the construction and engineering industry .
  • Work at height trainings.


Environmental quality/hazardous materials

  • Risk surveys and laboratory planning
  • Assistance in obtaining a poisons permit
  • Preparation of emergency portfolios andfactory
  • Risk management in the field of  hazardous materials.
  • Preparation of data portfolois and emergency procedures
  • Trainings, emergency drills , training days

Specialization in accompanying, consulting, managing and implementing projects related to the handling of hazardous materials, risk assessments, risk surveys, factory, portfolios ,trainings of all types related to hazardous materials, building a treatment system for emergency incidents, building a system for transporting hazardous materials outside and inside businesses, presenting factories in all Forums on the topics listed above   and helps many organizations in industrial sectors, companies and institutions dealing with hazardous substances, such as chemical industry plants, metal treatment, cleaning and disinfecting materials including dry cleaning, textiles, construction and pesticide stores, health institutions, etc.

The uniqueness of the company is expressed in the synergy between the computer work methodologies, business processes and their assimilation in the organization (factory, company, etc.) .

The company has the  ability to combine strategic planning while seeing the business needs with actual implementation while improving work methods and systems for storing and using hazards arising from risk surveys for the purpose of reducing risk ranges for employees and the surrounding population. .

The company  helps its clients successfully deal with complex challenges.

Thanks to  our experts  extensive professional experience And with comprehensive knowledge ,we provide a wide spectrum of services and knowledge  and   expose to our customers methods to improve processes and solutions regarding creative and cost-effective hazardous materials.